Charlotte Tilbury Instant Beauty Palette - The Dolce Vita Look

Friday, July 22, 2016

As promised from earlier this week, here are my thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Beauty Palette - The Dolce Vita look. The palette is easy to apply as a concept - you basically just paint your face by number. It took about 5 minutes to get all of the colors on. I think that the palette is very convenient for travel and touchups, as the colors are nice neutrals that will get you through most situations. The palette seems a little small when you first look at it, but the pans are mostly decent sized. My only complaint in relation to the pans would be the size of the blushes. It was harder to dip a brush in those (they are the same size as the eyeshadows) and I wish they were larger.

Wear time is excellent - I got a full day with no issues, migration or creasing. The eyeshadow colors apply nicely and have minimal fallout - there was a small amount after blending, but nothing major. The face colors are pretty, but the powders are very soft. There is a lot of kickup in the pan itself when you swish a brush in it, but the softness helps the powders to blend nicely. The only exception to that for me is the highlighter. I found the highlight shade harder to blend and it also emphasized pores more than some of my other highlighters.

You also receive a mini version of the Legendary Lashes mascara with the palette. The mascara for me was average. I did not see anything majorly special about it to spend $32 on the full size version. I did like that it helped lashes hold a curl better than some others I have tried, so if that is something you look for in a mascara you may like this one. As far as lengthening or volumizing lashes, I do not think that it is any better than my usual mascaras or others I have tried.

Swatches in order 1-7:

Reverse of palette:

Overall, I am glad I made the purchase. I can definitely see myself bringing this palette on trips or possibly keeping it in my desk at work in case I need to touch up or change my look to go out after work. I feel that the palette is good quality (although the highlighter is not my favorite) and the colors will likely flatter many skin tones.  The palette costs $75 and is available at Nordstrom as part of their Anniversary Sale. Have you tried this palette or the mascara that came with it? What are your thoughts?

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