By Terry Baume de Rose in Coral Stellar

Saturday, July 2, 2016

By Terry Baume de Rose is a serious splurge for me and I have put off trying it due to the expense. $56 for a lip balm is a steep price and honestly I was not sure if I could justify it (still not sure, even though I love it). I weighed going for the original balm or one of the colors and decided that I wanted to try a color first. I chose Coral Stellar, as summer is upon us and I thought the shade would coordinate well with bronzers and other things that I tend to wear more in the summer.

The balm comes in a frosted glass pot with a metal lid that can work as a mirror. One thing that I really wanted to test with this one is its actual performance as a lip balm. Prior to testing, I wasn't sure if it would be a great balm or if people were just getting on the hype bandwagon. I have been using this for over a month now and, in this case, the rave reviews are correct. It is one of the most hydrating treatments I have ever used.

The balm has a strong rose scent that lasts for quite some time. I like the smell, it is fresh and floral, but if you are someone that does not like items that are scented or if you do not like rose, this may not be for you. It has great staying power and lasts for several hours, depending on how much I eat or drink, before I feel the need to reapply. I'm not a person that buys a lot of items that come in pots. I dislike having to carry a lip brush with me everywhere and I do not like putting my fingers into the pot. Given that, I would love to see this in a squeeze tube or something similar (like the packaging for the Bite Agave lip masks). The Baume de Rose Crystal is in a tube with an applicator, so I may give that a go when this one runs out.

The balm itself has a slight shimmer and a sheer color payoff.  I have noticed that some of the other colors appear to be a bit more pigmented based on swatches on other blogs, but this one is not. It is not a huge deal to me, but I do wish this one had a slightly higher color payoff. It is something to be aware of if you are looking at buying the Coral Stellar shade specifically.

Overall, I am glad I finally tried it. It is a great treatment and high quality, but I think I will always have a little sticker shock with the price (although I am not sure why considering the rise of ultra high priced lip items, like Tom Ford or Louboutin). The original Baume de Rose ($60) and the tinted version ($56) are available at Space.NK,, Beautylish, Barneys, and a few other retailers.

Have you tried the Baume de Rose? What is the most you have spent on a lip product?

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