CHANEL Fall 2016: Le Rouge Collection No1 - Les 4 Ombres Candeur et Experience

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Chanel Fall 2016 Collection is the first with new Creative Director Lucia Pica. If you follow her Instagram, you can see so many reds that were part of the inspiration for this new collection. I purchased the eyeshadow palette in store, but am ordering a couple other items online. The collection is so beautiful to me and I want to grab a few more items before they sell out. 

The Candeur et Experience palette comes in the typical Chanel quad format. There are three neutral colors and then there is the red. The amazingly beautiful red. When I was in the store staring at the display, I thought it looked so pretty, but that I would seem totally crazy trying to wear it in real life. A Chanel artist saw me eyeing the palette and talked to me about it. I told her my concerns with the color and she said there are definitely ways to make it look more natural. I still honestly thought she was wrong, until she did my makeup. I wish I could have taken a picture of what the artist did, but it was in the evening and the lighting was not the best. I was blown away by how blendable the red color is. It is an accent that is different than what I am used to (I do not own a single other red shadow), but it really makes my eyes pop. It blends beautifully into the other colors and is almost coppery.

The artist used a few other colors from the collection, as well as some other new-to-me products, on me when she did my makeup and I had to do some deliberating on how much to buy budget wise. I received a sample of the new foundation and am testing that, as well.

Close up of the pans:

The eyeshadows wear beautifully and lasted a full day with no creasing or migration. There was no fallout when I blended. One thing to note, the colors swatch much more sheer on the arms and also look very similar. I was actually concerned about the level of pigmentation when I was in the store, but on the eyes the pigmentation level is higher and the colors are more noticeably different from each other. Below are swatches. All swatches are counterclockwise from top right of palette:

Outdoors in sunlight:

Outdoors in shade:

Indoors (no flash):

Overall,  I am very impressed by this collection. I like that it got me out of comfort zone a bit without being too much for me to wear realistically in my everyday life. This is something that I will get actual use out of, not a collectors item that I purchased because I thought it was pretty. I am definitely looking forward to the next collection from Lucia Pica, as I really like a lot of the items in this one. Did you purchase anything from the fall collection? 

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