Bright Pink Lips - Laura Mercier French Kiss Lipstick

Saturday, August 6, 2016

A little random fact about me - I am a magazine hoarder. I have tons of them; some saved for over a decade. I read them to remember things I used to like, or to get inspiration. I was looking through an old magazine the other day and saw this great feature about Debbie Harry. In several of the photos, she was wearing bright pink lips. I bought a sampler set from Sephora months ago that contained a very bright pink lipstick and it sat in my drawer collecting dust, until I saw this article and tried it out.

The sampler set I bought is no longer available (the Sephora Favorites Paint it Pink  set, in case you bought it), but the lipstick is sold separately and it is the Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour in French Kiss, which is described as a bubblegum pink. The description of the product states that it is a matte lipstick that stays all day without drying or making lips feel chapped. I have to say that I am not in agreement with that. I do tend to have drier lips as a result of living in a dry climate, but this is definitely more drying than say the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution formula.  The staying power is pretty good though it does not last all day. I tested the formula on its own and got a 4 hour wear time. I have been putting a Make Up Forever Artist Plexi-Gloss in shade 202, which was also in the set, on top to achieve the shinier look in the photo. It also helps with some of the lip hydration issues I have with the formula, but obviously adding gloss makes wear time go down a bit.

Both colors swatched on the lips (Plexi-Gloss layered over the French Kiss lipstick):

This is definitely not an everyday look for me, but I did use this combo recently on a girls' night out and it was a nice change from my usual, more conservative lip looks. I kept the rest of my face more neutral so that the lips were the highlight of  the look. It is fun to sometimes switch things up and deviate from the norm. Have you tried any bold lip looks lately?

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