Buxom Full-On Lip Creams and Polishes

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I am a lip gloss person. I'm not sure if that is from gloss being so huge when I was in high school in the late 90s or what the deal is, but it is my preferred lip formula a majority of the time. One of my favorite brands for lip gloss is Buxom. I really like the formula for so many reasons. Buxom has two different types of gloss - one is called Full-On Lip Polish and the other is Full-On Lip Cream. The main difference between the two is shimmer. The Polishes have it and the Creams do not.

Both the Polishes and Creams have a tingly feel that is supposed to give slight plumping effect. I don't really get a huge plumping boost, but I do like the feel of these. They are moisturizing and not overly sticky. They have a great staying power for how shiny they are - I can usually get 3-4 hours out of these depending on how much I eat/drink. The color payoff on these nice - slightly jelly and sheer, but the color is definitely noticeable.  I also love that they do not settle into lip lines. This is especially important for me for the lighter colors, like White Russian. White Russian is what I wish Nars Turkish Delight could have been, as TD settles horribly on me.

I have three of each to show you of my favorites. First will be the creams:

The Lip Polishes are:

Swatches below in full sunlight:

Swatches below in shade:

I honestly cannot say enough great things about these. I wear both the cream and polish formulations all the time. I also love that Buxom puts out sampler sets - many of the ones pictured above have come from various sample sets that I have gotten from them. It is a great way to try the formula and get a multitude of colors. Right now Sephora has a set of the polishes which contains some really cute brights - you get 6 mini polishes for $32. The full size versions are $20 each and retail at Sephora, Ulta, Buxom, etc. What are your favorite glosses?

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